I am very disappointed with zoom tan,I usually go to the tanning bed but all the advertising I thought to give them a try.A week later I asked the employee why I haven't got a tan, then I asked when do change the bulbs and girl told me to try their tanning lotion. Well ..I stared to see a tan.Week later before tanning I read on the back of the lot ion it says that it is a self tanning lotion..So pissed that the Company Has Lied To All Of us.......$49.to Start Tanning And $20.

A week and let's not forget $40.00 for their special lotion. ..what a rip off?

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoom Tan Tanning.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Thomasville, Georgia, United States #958475

You obviously don't know anything about how tanning works. If you go in a tanning booth without lotion your dry skin is reflecting 70% of the rays......hence the reason why you got no color until you started using tanning lotion because that is exactly what it's meant to be used for......the ingredients in tanning lotions are meant to add vitamins and nutrients into your skin to help it tan and some have added bronzer to give you an extra boost of color.

They are not meant to be used as a self tanner, they work in coordination with the UV rays in the UV booth to help you get your best tan.

ALL tanning salons sell tanning lotion and push their employees to sell as much as possible. Tanning lotion is extremely pricey because of the high end ingredients used in them and $40 for a bottle is actually a pretty good deal compared to many other places, do some research.

to Anonymous #1509173

It's actually only up to 30% of missed absorption by not using lotion. Also, she said the lotion she bought had a self tanner in it, hence she was getting a fake tan from the DHA.

I know from inside sources that the bulbs zt is using do not come from any of the bulb manufacturers in the US as zt has outstanding bills with them. The reason the bulbs are so darn hot and no color is being achieved is because the level of phosphorus in the bulbs is off.

This whole company from its products to it's management is one giant scam. Steer clear!

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