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A secret-shopper study by House Democratic staffers found that tanning-salon employees routinely lied about the risks of indoor tanning, and frequently provided misleading information suggesting that tanning had health benefits. The report, commissioned by the Energy and Commerce Committee minority staff, involved interviews with 300 salons around the country.

Staffers posed as 16-year-old, fair-skinned girls, and asked salons whether tanning was safe, whether it caused cancer specifically, and how often they should visit, among other questions. According to the report, the salons routinely gave inaccurate information. Ninety percent said tanning had no health risks, and 51 percent denied a connection between indoor tanning and skin cancer. Seventy-eight in the survey made health claims, saying tanning was a good source of Vitamin D, and worked as a treatment for osteoporosis, depression, weight loss, insomnia, lupus, and other health problems.

Many of the salons also offered special discounts and promotions for new teen customers. “We know that indoor tanning significantly increases skin cancer risks -- especially for teens,” said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., the ranking member of the committee, in a statement. “Our report finds that the vast majority of tanning salons deny the known risks of indoor tanning and falsely claim that it is beneficial to a young person’s health.

Tanning salons should not be putting young women’s health at risk by providing them with false and misleading information.” Rep.

Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., expressed outrage that tanning salons were marketing to teenagers. “Tanning beds are brightly lit, cancer-causing coffins -- plain and simple,” she said in a statement.

Reason of review: Lies.

I didn't like: Being lied to.

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I will take the AMA advice on tanning over a snake oil salesman.

to Anonymous #1337851

Tony Toepfer likes to take his advice from David "Avacado" Wolfe and Joseph "I've been censured by the FDA" Mercola. Those noted quacks say that it's a "proven fact" that tanning is good for you and you need to buy some of their snake oil.

But, y'know any real doctor will honestly tell you you'll get cancer from it. Tony routinely sends emails to his employees with articles from these whackos.

He used to have that B.S. on his website, but NY told him to take it down when he opened stores up there.


How can you possibly say tanning does not cause cancer? It's a proven medical fact , tell me smoking doesn't cause cancer too. ***

to Anonymous #1337209

Because a TANis your bodies natural defense against a BURN! Burns cause skin cancers not TANS!

PROVEN FACT!!! A TAN is actually the thickening of ones skin!

to Anonymous #1337858

That's why you'll eventually look like a wrinkled leather couch, right? All that "skin thickening"? I mean, if you survive the cancer.


More ridiculous blah blah blah

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