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Here is the whole story about Zoom Tan. Zoom Tan was started by Tony Toepfer.

Tony used to own a big tanning software company called Helios but he was forced out. The guy is actually a terrible business man who probably couldn't manage a McDonalds. But, through a series of completely blind luck events he managed to meet billionaire Tom Golisano and *** him into investing in his companies. That is the only reason that Zoom Tan and Hyperion exist.

If they had to build a business on customer satisfaction, they'd have closed a long time ago. Also, Tony uses people, hurts people, and doesn't care. Although he claims to be a Christian. you'd never know it.

Everything he does with Zoom Tan is for his goals of putting other salons out of business, deceiving customers, screwing people, and feeding his own ego. The other company, Hyperion makes the software we use in the salons, but it is complete garbage. If you have ever gone to any of the salons and had a problem that the employee blamed on the computer, that's Hyperion. We honestly can't help it, we're working with garbage.

The salon workers are also treated like slaves, we don't get vacations or even lunch breaks. Tony makes crazy rules that he expects his customers and employees to obey. Once anyone disobeys one of his insane rules, he flies into a blind rage and starts accusing and insulting people. Honestly all the crazy things you read and hear about Zoom Tan and Tony, those are all absolutely 100% true.

You can't make that stuff up. So, if you want to tan at a tanning salon run by a crazy person that uses garbage beds and software, then Zoom Tan is for you.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1332832

Ahhh...disgruntled employee.

to LadyScot #1340409

Ahhh.... fool who works at Zoom Tan.

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