Zoom Tan - Won’t refund my money

Have played the email and phone tag game long enough. Since resolutions won’t return my calls I’m email the CEO!!
I purchased 6 sessions with zoom tanning, signed up, they took my money....then when I came in for the second session, they said I need to sign into my phone, I told them I didn't have it. I had my ID, they even took a finger a print?? they said couldn't get into my...
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Terrible. They can't force you to carry a telephone. Whatever happened to sign-in sheets, membership cards, being recognized by the hired help, etc. ? If there's nothing in th...

What a horrific company. I've been tanning for many, many years - and have lived all over - from Michigan to Toronto to Atlantic Canada to Honolulu, Hawaii... and I've never encountered a worse company. Unfriendly staff, old no-output bulbs and then a month after I...
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I liked
  • Location
I didn't like
  • Closing location without notice
  • Staff
  • Old bulbs

Zoom Tan - It was multiple bad experiences.

They have new rules every time i go there. i have never gone there once and just easily got a spray tan, there has always been some sort of problem. I am never going back there again.
2 days and still can't tan at Zoomtan....oh I paid already ,but can't tan .They have new system where u agree to terms online when u sign up. Well,thier was nowhere to accept terms on page.Was told thiers a system problem and after an hour plus of no answers ,except...
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Blasdell, New York

Zoom Tan - Complaint

terrible service the lady working was super rude to me
Why I ever signed up with this company again is mind boggling. Still they same terrible greedy company it ever customer service whatsoever
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Try Allen tan I love it there. Friendly, clean and local none of this crazy non sense like zoom, prices are decent too. I tried zoom and their booths are like being in *** The...

I hope that you regained your keys. As a former corporate employee of Zoom I can tell you that they have cameras and audio in all of their salons. There is nothing that the corporate office cannot see or here including the President (Tony Toepher). This is a terrible...
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I had the worst experience at the zoom tan in Naples Florida across the street from coastland Center mall. I left my keys in the room where I tanned, walked out to my car and realized it, walked back in and the very inexperienced and extremely rude girl said that she...
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Zoom Tan - Phone call

They hing up on me i want an appointment for fulton ny.