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2 days and still can't tan at Zoomtan....oh I paid already ,but can't tan .They have new system where u agree to terms online when u sign up. Well,thier was nowhere to accept terms on page.Was told thiers a system problem and after an hour plus of no answers ,except that it's first day of switching over and we r having issues,I left .

Next day called my local zoom,and they said everything is fine,and that they have signed people up all day. After work I stopped in to get membership started. Nothing was different. I gave up on Sunday and have been trying once again from different device from home like they said to try.....canteven get to it from home.

I talked to cust Serv and had to explain to them that they need to find out why . Is it my phone,ANDROID TURBO 3? Is system screwed up or no? No answers anywhere!

Not good. I can almost guarantee when I stop down today after work nothing was addressed cuz once u hang up with cust Serv.,the millennial agent probly forgot after 6 seconds so ......left with out answers again I'm sure will be result today....tbc

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