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My husband gave me a gift card for a years tanning for Valentines Day. 2 weeks later I go to tan and sign on the door saying Store Closed!

WHAT!!!!! Been trying for 3 weeks now to get a refund, told about 3 times someone will call you back (they never did) Finally we are advised we will get an $80 refund. WHAT!!!! I paid $160.

Went tanning maybe 3 times. They said only getting $80 dollars back because I received a free bottle of tanning lotion! Yes as a gift for signing up for a year, but then YOU closed the *** store. So at this point we were told we had to return the lotion to the Albany store for a full refund!

WHAT!!! I used it.... OH WELL, so drove 1 hr to Albany store and returned the used lotion and was told we would be credited within 5 days, lets see if this happens, Im not holding my breath! Anyways, who is going to be sold the used lotion, I am sure that is what they plan to do!

YUKKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOOM TAN SUCKS, buyer beware, they will do anything they can to *** over!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoom Tan Gift Card.

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