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Girls are less than friendly. The Salon is filthy, dirty floors ans dirty stand up bed floors. Understaffed, dirty rooms, and as a client, you are treated like ***. Bathroom, when to say the least, is beyond use. I know the employees do not allowed a break....... However when they are not busy, instead of being on their cell phones, this place would be much better. I was a member of Sun Tan City, my membership is paid until the end of May,... Read more

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I have been at this salon location since it was Golden Tans and Sun Tan City and I have never been treated with such disregard. Even the poor girl working in the salon begged me to place a complaint. A week before I burnt the bottoms of my feet in one of the stand ups and I told the girl that we should be forwarned about this or given a towel to stand on. The girl replied to me that she will be written up if she gives me or offers me a towel. I... Read more

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  • Nov 30
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Been a customer for over 3 years! Bought a $21 bottle of spray tan lition, got home, tried to use and nozzle was broken! Didnt spray at all! Called customer service and was told no refunds and no exchanges!!! Even for a broken unusable product!!!???? Horrible business practices!!

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Received a text offering a special of one month unlimited spray tanning for 19.95. Drove 20 minutes to get there, after showering, not applying any lotion, deodorant, makeup, etc. Was told that since I have a uv membership, I cannot also have a spray membership at the same time. No where could I find this stipulation in the text, or online at their website. My text didn't even state that it was a one month "membership". I assumed the teenager... Read more

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They bought over Tanning Bed which I had a year contract with. They did not transfer my existing account like they said they would due to complications. Ignored it and bought a new package through them for $220 for a special bed that used different lights to tan you overtime. Then they discontinued those beds and replaced everything in the store with level 5 stand ups that burn me. Asked for some sort of compensation when I called customer... Read more

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I actually enjoy my zoom tan in bradenton fl. The only thing that annoyed me is they charge my credit card the same day every month. For example, i didnt have the money to go tanning for 3 weeks. I came back and used a my debit card to pay 45.00 and a week later they told me my bill was due again! I literally got 6 days and then i was back in the same situation. After talking to customer service they told me that i will get charged the 22nd... Read more

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They just keep closing salons and not telling their customers or their employees about it until they show up to a closed store. I'm telling you they're about to close all their stores. Don't be like me and end up with a membership to a salon that's not there anymore and a message saying you can drive all the way to their other store to use your membership so they won't cancel it. Really that's what they told me. I could drive to the next town... Read more

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Went in Bradenton location the put me in room 9 and it was sauna got out after two minute it was that hot. Called corporation talked to Lisa and she acted like it was normal to be in room 110+degrees poor customer service :'( Read more

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Gee, they keep closing stores and laying people off without notice to clients or employees. What more proof do you need? If I still had a membership with them, I'd be looking to pull out or get a refund (but, they don't give refunds) before they skip town and take my money with them. Bunch of ridiculously dishonest lying thieves that they are. Do yourself a favor and don't tan at Zoom Tan. If you do you will have only yourself to blame when you... Read more

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Some people might see it as a good thing some people might see it as a bad thing. But, Zoom Tan carries Designer Skin lotions and designer skin is very happy to say that when you buy some of their lotions, they are giving a part of your money to *** charities. So, if that offends you, you might want to not go to Zoom Tan. Since going to Zoom Tan is promoting *** rights organizations. I definitely won't be going there anymore because of my... Read more

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